Do you want to be part of the International Cosmic Day? Great! This is how it works:

Any person or group wishing to participate in ICD should register through the website under "Registration". What you can do as an individual student can be found here. Detailed information on planning the day for teachers and scientists can be found in the Agenda. Under Activities you can find our collections of idea and activities we suggest for the this year ICD.

If several students want to participate to the day under the guidance of a teacher, we ask the teacher to register the group. If you are only one person willing to participate to the day, you are welcome to register too.

We organize the communication between the different participants, but not the individual program or participation. After you register, you will receive a customisable poster to announce your event and more informations about planning the day.

We use the registration data to exchange important information for planning the day and to display the Google Map with all the venues of the day. No Indico account is required for registration. You will only need one if you need to change your registration at a later moment.