You want to participate in the International Cosmic Day? Great!

This is how it works:

  • First you need a Cosmic Ray detector
    If you do not have a detector and want to join either QuarkNet for the U.S. or Netzwerk Teilchenwelt for Germany, contact the networks directly (for QuarkNet contact Mark Adams, for Germany astroteilchen(at) By joining the program, you are eligible for a summer workshop. After you take a workshop, you can receive a detector for your classroom.
  • Team up with others
    One main purpose of the ICD is to encourage collaborative work. You are supposed to work in groups and can only register as such.
  • Register
    Local organisers or group leaders should register their group. For registration there is no indico account needed. Only if you want to be able to modify your registration later it is necessary to have one. Note that for each participating group only one person should register. The participating students are registered at the locations individually.
  • Plan your day
    We organize the communication between the different groups, but not the individual participants. When registered you will receive a customisable poster to announce your event.