Who can participate? 

Every institution or school with access to a cosmic ray experiment that is capable to carry out one of the measurements described in the program can participate. 

Where and how do I register? 

Registration is possible as soon as the date is set. Local organisers or group leaders should register their group. Note that for each participating group only one person should register. The participating students are registered at the locations individually.

Do I need cosmic physics knowledge beforehand?

No. All knowledge you need you will learn during the day.  

Is there a fee to participate? 

No. The ICD is free of charge. 

How can I participate in the Skype-Call and Chat? 

We have a Skype account "InternationalCosmicDay". Contact us via Skype and we will add you to the group chat. 

Which institutes are participating? 

You can find the list of participants on the map.

Have there been International Cosmic Days before? 

Yes. The first one was in 2012, more information can be found in the archive under media


Do you have more questions? Then do not hesitate to contact us.