The 7th International Cosmic Day will be on November, 29 2018. Have a look at the new Poster with its great picture!


The International Cosmic Day will bring students, teachers and scientists together to talk and learn about Cosmic Rays.

  • What are cosmic particles?
  • Where do they come from?
  • How can they be measured?

During the International Cosmic Day (ICD) you will find answers to these questions. But furthermore, you will carry out your own measurements and get in contact with groups all over the world to compare and discuss your results. You will work like a real scientist in an international collaboration.

New: This year, data will be provided that can be analyzed and used to participate in the day. Read more under Participate

Also this year, scientists from renowned collaborations will present their data regarding the questions addressed by the International Cosmic Day during the international exchange. The experiments that will be part of the program will be announced shortly. Let us surprise you.

Are you interested? Then participate.

Also have a look at our contribution to the 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference (Poster (PDF, 1.3 MB), Proceeding (PDF, 3.3 MB)).


The 7th International Cosmic Day is organized by DESY together with Netzwerk Teilchenwelt, IPPOG, QuarkNet and Fermilab.

For more information please contact icd@desy.de.